Writing 101, the contrast (Day seven)

W: Hmm…

P: What is it?

W: It seems we have a conundrum here.

P: How do you mean? We are just doing something we both enjoy.

W: Of course you had to speak for both of us.

P: Do you mean you do not enjoy it?

W: Well, we don’t make any money on it, do we?  

P: Well, not yet, but we might if we keep at it. Is money the only reason we do something? Why can’t we enjoy it?

W: Well, it’s tedious, and there is no point to the tedious unless it’s profitable.

P: So, that means we can only do tedious things?

W: No, just, only do profitable things.

P: What if all profitable things are tedious?

W: Then we only do tedious things.

P: That is ridiculous! I mean…

W: We have done enough things that are pleasurable that offer us no material assets. It’s why we are broke. This project of yours is just another futile attempt-

P: I though you of all people would be proud of this! We are doing something that we want to do, something we enjoy, and even though there are sometimes it’s a little bit more than we planned we stuck with it anyway! It uses both of us.

Work: It’s only a bunch drawings. It doesn’t contribute to anything. We had our needs met when you would go to your job and played video games when you got home. There is no point in this.

Play: Just because you have convinced me you have given up hope whether we shall succeed or not, does not mean I believe you want to stop drawing.



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