The Character: Writing 101 day 6

Who is the most interesting person I meet in? 2014? Were they male? Female? Non-binary? Trans? How old were they? Was their skin weathered like the vast and dry lands that brim with the wealth of experience? Or were they young? Naive, curious, and exploring a plethora of new information as they traverse unfamiliar environments? Or were they somewhere in between, like the rest of us?

Did they have a partner? Were they single? Multiple partners? Were the partners of the same sex, or opposite? Or in the case of plural partners, both? Not saying that all people who are interested in both want plural partners, or someone who wants plural partners wants both. Maybe the person I met wanted no partner at all.

Were they European? African? North American? South American? Asian? What if they were all of those things, in some way or another? What if they were none? Were they from my country? Were they born here? Born elsewhere, but from my country still? Were their ancestors born here? What colour was their skin? Their hair? What noticeable features of their face stood out? Did any?

What was their faith? Did they have faith? In what? Religion? Science? Life? Mythologies? Pathologies? In certain Epistemologies? What sprung their ideology? Their family? The media they grew up with? The lack there of? Their government? Or lack thereof? Their country, territory, or Nation? Or the fight, the struggle for their country, territory, Nation? Their language? Their ability, or lack thereof, to communicate at all? Or communicating in a way few understand?  

What if it was all of these things, or none of them? Or a mix of these things? I would have to say the latter. For the most interesting character I met of 2014 was not a character at all. It was a medium. A medium I had already knew, met its new form by acquaintance, and now am trying to sit down and get to know more intimately. It’s a medium that has introduced me to many different characters of many different varieties, but allows me to observe them without directly interfering within their affairs. It’s shown me different ideas, different takes, and perspectives that seem to get weeded out in more main stream affairs. And even though my art is awkward and my progress is slow, it’s for that reason I decided to give it a go!

Take a guess at who/what it is? 


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