The fifth writing 101 challenge, the note you found on the road.

“Dear Ike,

Hablas tu Espaniol? Yeah, I don’t think I got that right either. Use or lose it right? Look, I just wanted to say I’m alright, for the first time in a long time, and that I miss you guys. All of them. We had some good times in Spanish, huh? You two are pretty crazy. Anyway, I also wanted to say? Breath, Isaak. Relax. I know you doubt yourself, but just relax. I still believe in you, and I wanted to thank you for believing in me.

I’ll see you when the times comes, but I don’t hope it’s soon, for obvious reasons.
Miss you,

The friend.”



(The note is from my friend from the last post. Three posts that deal with my high school Spanish class, which gets one twist down, and I think I wrote this in as few words as possible. However, I can’t write about this anymore, it’s making me sad, dudes.)


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