New sketches of strips posted on my deviant art!

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Maybe I should check out the blogs of people who check mine out.


Be the best (you can be) “Eternities” Ch1 S6


This is the last one of the double post week! They are coming out one at a time week to week.


Be the best (You can be) “Continuity” Ch 1 S5

Referencing this:

I know it’s late, but it will be up! And way that’s what matters, right? One more on the way, and that will be the last one of the “double” posting weeks. It will be “one post a week” from here on out, unless I decide to change it again. I, yeah. Inconsistent. I’m, working on it.


Also should mention that I am not cool enough to own a white belt.

I put some sketches up and things

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“To the point, To the point I’m making” Be the Best (You can be) CH1 S4


I know both of these are a day late, and I apologize.


(Also apologizing for typos)

Thanks to all who read/liked the strips, and like/follow the blog. I really appreciate it!


“Character Development” Be the best (You can be) CH1 S3

Comic Ch1 S3 copy


I think they are passing a house?


“Tell me why” Be the best (You can be) Ch1 S2


Said brother has a thing: random response generator of history @ the tumblr place thing on the the webs.

Found at this place:

If you are checking my stuff out anyway, please check out his stuff, too!


“Does this haircut help?” Be the best (you can be) Ch 1 S 1