This week has been a tank and I need more recovery days before I can post more stuff.

I was trying to make it one missed day, but that’s not going to happen. The next strip I will try and get out will be for next week.



Updates to my shit. Your attention, please.

First, general stuff out of the way: 
I’m broke and have no money. 
I mean, that isn’t news or unusual. I’m just saying that I am looking for work at the moment, and not well, mind you. Anxiety is not cool.
I’m okay, I will be/am trying to be. However, that means that drawing and getting things out daily, is hard. It’s hard anyway, but that is a substantial road block. 
No, this isn’t a post asking for money. Not hating on those posts, Many of us are lacking funds in various degrees, I am sure I have made those posts, not disrespecting them. That’s just not what this is.
This will be a post about some changes to make doing this (comics) a little more feasible.


     1. Schedule Change:

  • Changing every day posts to week day posts
  • Early posts will be Sunday to Thursday, rather than Monday to Friday, and are still a dollar a month pledge.
  • Will still try and post the night before, so that means a comic posted on the site Monday will be posted Sunday evening.  That means for the early comics, a Sunday comic will be posted Saturday night. This is just to ensure that the comic will for sure be up on the right day (If I post it Sunday night, this means I don’t have to worry about it being up for Monday).
  • I will try to stick to this as much as possible, giving myself the extra 2 days is just to help me get things done on time, so I can try to keep things to schedule. ADD also makes that hard, but routines are supposed to help so I am trying to improve on them.
  • I’ve changed the $100 and $200 monthly goals. At $100 there will be a  Saturday bonus page every two weeks, and $200 will Sunday bonus page every two weeks. Patrons will be able to vote on what they’d like to see from these options:

    -Slice of life/Personal
    -Bonus character comic
    -Mini Fan Comic: either requested or just whatever I am fanning over that day
    -An Idea that isn’t/only loosely related to the Comic

    With that out of the way, here comes the second part of the update. Not relevant to above but I find it equally as important:

    2. Font. Change. Thing? 

    I wanted to try and make sure it was clear which character was speaking by using two different tactics: A colour in the word bubble, and different fonts.

    I tried to make my own font, it back fired. But I am switching everything to one font because I think it tidies things up, a bit. I will still do the colour thing to try and separate dialogue/ speech bubbles, but that may change too if I find a more effective method.

    I’m not changing posted pages/comics, though. I won’t do anything related to that unless I decide to go back an do the entire page from scratch, which won’t be for a long while.

    Changes will be implemented, hopefully, for this coming week.

    Thank you for reading,
    Have a Gooder,


New shirts in the store!

All of these are updates of the “classic” Winter Stoodmuffin design, which I think just looks a little better, no? New_logo_Winter_wordlessSleep-and-Snow-ConvertImage (1)

And then some new designs with the new logo design!



More information on prices and sizing in the store! If you want different products or designs, let me know!


Views news~

Untitled (3)Got over 500 views on my site for 2018! WOO!

This may not seem like a lot to some, but my lowest was 2016 (over 200) and 2017 (over 400), and a few more will put me over my second best year, 2015 (550)!

That means, if I can continue the trend of posting consistently, I could this year I could beat my best year! The first year I started posting stuff, 2014! But I would have to double it.

But also, March 20th 2018 was my four year anniversary of starting this project! That if I post consistently, I could double the views from my original year (over 1000), by simply doing what I set out to do in the first place. Draw and update! It’s only April, so there’s definitely time!

And though I haven’t updated or practiced as consistently as I should, the fact that I’m still here, that my site is getting views, is motivating rather than off putting. That I have a lot to learn, and to grow, and I still have time.

Thank you, for those who follow me, and the new folks! It means a lot, and I see you. And those who liked as well, that also means a ton.

I can’t wait to work more and get more content out there, and I hope you folks will enjoy!






Poetry posts:


There once was a Princess,

Who dressed as a pauper;

Who thought she would die,

If she lived any softer.

Even in her tower,

Of Ivory white;

She was depressed,

And cried every night.

If she would start,

Her Path Anew;

She’d have to learn how,

“To thine own self be true.”


Don’t lose your way, Desirae.”

One of the poems that I wrote while either figuring out my name, working through emotions as I got the name, or the piece I did for my performance that I will be posting within the next week. It’s a fairy tale like aesthetic, for sure. The content, however, about various different themes relating to get my name back. I also refer to this in many of the life update comics, and use lines from this poem even in that performance piece.

In this poem I talk about how engaging with being open with who I was (and that not fitting masculine norms) seemed to increase certain outside threats, or perceived ones. It’s also briefly mentions that this place was a strange one for me to be in, because of my privileged experience. Being white, growing up in Suburbia, even some of the social/ familial support I have now. In the same breath that recognizing that I had grown up lucky, or have supportive parents (which many queer folk don’t), and other resources, it was still a struggle growing up hiding who I was. It was like the very tower that protected me felt like a cell I was caged in, and it was and is hard to wrap my head around.

The pauper thing played into that too. Not just as a kid, but in all ages I felt this weird tug-of-war. This contradiction. Dressing up fashionable seemed to signify possible queerness, in ways, but not being up to snuff also could be socially ostracizing. So, the line about dressing as a pauper, is almost literal. I didn’t know I had ADD as a kid though I exhibited a lot of extremes of various symptoms even up to this very day. So, because I couldn’t channel masculinity in athleticism or other means, I kinda used the closet as an excuse to be a mess before I knew what the closet was. Being a mess/slob had more of a “guy” connotation. So as frustrating and self defeating as the symptoms were, I felt safer in that space. I could be a mess and not get beaten up for being a “@#$,” cool. Yeah. But I was still weird, stained, ripped, unfashionable little monster. Who often got by pure chance in school because I was never organized in terms of studying, either. Yeah. That had no negative repercussions. Not a one! But the idea of being the princess dressed as pauper facilitates that whole “if I went out doing what I really wanted to do, I would be more exposed and less safe than I was.” How much of it was paranoia? How much did I play into the bullshit I was so upset over while trying to survive and stay safe? Who knows. It was Juvenile and tacky. More ways than one.

So if I wanted to grow past all that? I had to start accepting myself, and grow on that path. That ties into the ending parts, and the last line, a lot. Also, the “don’t lose your way” line is from an Anime where the girl is an action hero, and it stuck with me in terms of theming. For all the times I was told to “be the best you can be” (lol) and that I should “be myself” or that I had a God given talent, or I was loved and appreciated unconditionally, that I should stay on the “straight and narrow…” there was nothing more confusing and isolating than being in the closet. The ways told me to move forward were often exactly how I got lost to begin with. And if I was to really bloom, come into my own, I had to accept this side of me. All themes in my performance piece.

Okay, so that was long. But that’s it for now! Hopefully if I have other stuff written, poetry or prose, I will try to post some of it! This has some elements of “15 year old just starting to write” but I am proud of it, cause it was one of the first poems I had written in years. 

So hope you enjoyed, and see you around!



Forgot to fix the like and sharing options for my Comics.


Fixed now, though!

So if you want to like and share my stuff, it’s possible now! Yay.

And I am literally just saying that, and nothing else. That the possibility is now available.

Not that I would really love for you to check out my stuff and like or share or anything, or how much that would mean to me.

More just, that you can.

*sweats nervously*


Audio updates for comics:

For the audio recordings for visually impaired folks, either search YouTube for “Stoodmuffincomics; Audio updates,” or following the link here, will take you right to the playlist with them as soon as they are uploaded.

The idea is to have an Audio book/describe video kind of deal for the comics, so people can enjoy them even if they can’t see them. With some of the small rants I do on posts, TTS sounded like a nightmare because it would take a long time to get through the descriptions and the captions I have on posts. Though, this could be slower due to potential band width.

If this option doesn’t work? Let me know. Maybe I could find away to balance it with TTS? Just trying new things to make things more accessible. Let me know if it helps you or your loved ones out? Or if it doesn’t?